Advanced Strategies: Candlestick Patterns, News Tradingegies

Candlestick Patterns

This is a rather complex trading technique that deals with the shapes and patterns of candlesticks on a price chart to predict the future price movements. A given candlestick reflects a particular time frame and the open, maximum, minimum, and closing prices of the commodity in that given period. These candlesticks’ shape and pattern will help the trader understand the market sentiment and when it is likely to reverse, making it a great tool for the trader to use in trading.

Some common candlestick patterns include:

  • Doji: 

A candlestick with an extremely small body which shows that the market is uncertain. A Doji at the top of an uptrend is bearish because it indicates that the uptrend may be in the process of being reversed.

  • Engulfing Pattern: 

This pattern takes place when a small candle is followed by a large candle that covers the small one. A bullish engulfing pattern implies an upward reversal while a bearish engulfing pattern implies a downward reversal. Such patterns can be used by the traders to determine the points of reversal in the particular market.

  • Hammer and Hanging Man: 

Both patterns have a small body and long lower shadow part. Whenever a hammer is formed at the end of a downtrend, this is an indication that the buyers are beginning to take control of the market. On the other hand, a hanging man at the top of an uptrend is a bearish signal which means that the sellers are gaining the upper hand.

Applying Candlestick Patterns

Learning of the candlestick patterns is rather easy but what it entails is more practice and sharp vision. These patterns are usually used in conjunction with other technical indicators to get a confirmation of the signals as well as to enhance the probability of the trader’s forecasts. In this case, learning and applying the patterns will help the traders to get better insights of the market in order to make better trading decisions.

News Trading

News trading is an advanced strategy that involves making trading decisions based on economic news and events. This strategy requires staying informed about major news releases, such as employment reports, interest rate decisions, and geopolitical events, which can significantly impact market prices. News trading leverages the market’s reaction to these events, allowing traders to capitalize on the resulting price movements.

The key to successful news trading is understanding how different types of news affect the market and anticipating the market’s reaction. For example, a better-than-expected employment report might boost confidence in the economy and lead to a rise in asset prices. Conversely, geopolitical tensions might create uncertainty and cause prices to fall. By staying informed and analyzing the potential impact of news events, traders can position themselves to take advantage of market opportunities.

Tools for News Trading

News traders need to be quick and decisive, as markets can react swiftly to new information. Using economic calendars and news feeds can help traders stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on market-moving events. Additionally, combining fundamental analysis (assessing the impact of news) with technical analysis (using charts and indicators) can provide a comprehensive approach to news trading, allowing traders to make informed decisions and manage risks effectively.


Advanced strategies like candlestick patterns and news trading provide traders with sophisticated tools to enhance their trading performance. By mastering these techniques, traders can better predict market movements and respond to economic events, increasing their chances of making profitable trades in the dynamic world of pocket options trading.

Bottom line

At, we are dedicated to equipping traders with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in the competitive market of pocket options trading. By understanding and implementing these strategies, you can confidently navigate the market, make informed decisions, and achieve your trading objectives.

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